Vern Shears 4 Piece Set

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**Combinations of two or three pairs texturizes at multiple points on the hair strands.
**Dimensional Cutting creates the most unique looks

4V 4E creates contour lines and layers
4E 4Eb 4Ed. Adjusts hair volume an create special effects all at one time.

-Cutting series for cutting layers and contour lines
-Texturizing series for adjusting hair volume
-Styling/Special Effects series creates wispy and unique effects

Key features:
*premium quality interlocking scissors
*beautiful appearance
*easy and convenient assembly
*with multiple blades, complete cutting and texturizing in one single action simultaneously
*reduces cutting times significantly
*special teeth creates exquisite effects simply with no tool marks
*infinite combinations for various creative effects
*L-shaped teeth provides precision, reduced abrasion, and effortless texturizing.

With VERN Intelligent Combined Scissors you can achieve the most efficiency, uniqueness, and professionalism as a stylist.
The VERN 3-Dimensional Cutting System will put you on the cutting edge!

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